TypeBase priceExtra character
Colored Sketch30 Euros+10 Euros
Flat Color50 Euros+15 Euros
Shaded70 Euros+20 Euros

• Anything not listed above can be discussed;
• Payment is upfront through Paypal invoice;
• Complex designs may come with a surcharge.

I will not draw:
• Fetishes and Gore
• Prejudice content

I will draw:
• Ponies
• Suggestive

Terms of service

1. Commissions are custom and therefor cannot be refunded unless there are special circumstances such as:
1a. I have yet to start working on your commission;
1b. I have to cancel the commission for personal reasons.
2. The art that is purchased is not for commercial use;
3. The commissioner may upload the artwork to their social media or personal gallery as long as it is rightfully credited;
4. By sending payment, the commissioner agrees to all the terms and conditions above.